Certainty Environmental specializes in Asbestos Abatement, Lead Paint Abatement and Selective Demolition Services

Certainty Environmental, LLC provides asbestos abatement, lead paint abatement, and selective interior and exterior demolition services.

Certainty Environmental serves the abatement needs of owners of commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential buildings, and homes. Locally owned and operated, and conveniently located in Westport, Connecticut, we provide abatement and selective demolition throughout Connecticut, the surrounding New England areas, and Metro New York.

Our unique combination of skilled, licensed tradesmen and state of the art equipment can complete any job safely and with certainty. Certainty Environmental is licensed and insured in the state of Connecticut. We look forward to making your property a safer place to breathe, work, and live. Contact us today.

Our Services

Asbestos Abatement | Lead Paint Abatement | Selective Demolition Services

Certainty Environmental can identify and remove asbestos from buildings

If your building was built before 1989 it may contain asbestos.

Asbestos fibers are not visible to the naked eye and there is no odor, irritation or other visible signs of exposure. Therefore, asbestos can only be detected by laboratory analysis. Exposure to airborne asbestos fibers may cause asbestosis, mesothelioma, or lung cancer. Hence, asbestos abatement must be done by a professional licensed contractor.

Certainty Environmental can help revitalize old buildings

If your building was built before 1978 it may contain lead paint.

Traditional renovation work can create significant dust-lead hazards if lead-based paint is disturbed. Lead poisoning is very hazardous to children, pregnant women, workers, and other adults. Lead exposure causes permanent damage. Therefore, lead-based paint abatement must be done by a professional licensed contractor.

Older buildings may contain hazardous asbestos. Contact Certainty Environmental for professional asbestos abatement.

Prior to renovation, selective demolition is often necessary.

There may be asbestos, lead, and other dangers present in the interior and/or exterior space, and they must be properly contained and managed. Certainty Environmental, LLC can safely handle all of your abatement and demolition needs prior to renovation, so that your project can move forward faster.

Your building may contain lead-based paint if it was built before 1978.

Your house may contain asbestos if it was built before 1989.

Number of countries that have banned asbestos.

Years it takes for asbestos-related disease symptoms to appear.