Selective Demolition - Eliminate environmental hazards prior to renovation

Selective Demolition

Before renovation activities occur, it is often necessary to do selective demolition of interior and/or exterior space. Certainty Environmental, LLC has experience in all phases of construction and demolition. We also have extensive experience with asbestos, lead paint, and the other dangers that may present themselves, so that these dangers can be properly contained and managed.

Certainty Environmental, LLC can turnkey all your abatement and demolition activities prior to renovation, so that your project can move forward faster. Contact us to discuss options prior to renovating your property.

asbestos pipe wrapping

A common demolition situation: uncovering asbestos pipe wrapping

Unexpected Hazards

Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint

It is quite common to begin selective demolition and uncover unexpected hazards in the building, such as asbestos and lead-based paint. When an environmental hazard is identified during a demolition project, Certainty Environmental, LLC is able to handle the abatement immediately. This keeps your project moving forward while minimizing delays.

This photo shows a common demolition situation: uncovering asbestos pipe wrapping after opening up a wall. Asbestos is a hazardous material and must be removed by a professional licensed abatement contractor.